Sanitary Napkins Brands

Sigrora offers 4+ brands of sanitary napkins, including named brands and SLS approved brands. Search sanitary napkins by brand name.


With the promise of superior comfort and protection, the new Fems range of Slim napkins is scientifically designed especially for the Sri Lankan woman who seeks the discreet inner feeling of cleanliness and purity during those trying days.



Eva is a Sri Lanka’s leading sanitary napkin brand which has variety of sanitary pads such as cotton feel, dritex, loop square, ultima 



Whisper choice sanitary pads helps you get up to 100 percent stain protection. This revolutionary pad has wings which keep the pad in place. Don’t worry about stains and be unstoppable.



“Aarya” Scientifically designed especially for Sri Lankan woman, who seeks the feel of fresh & confident every day of month. With the right product on your side, it is not going to stop you from doing anything you want to do.



Lily sanitary napkins have been especially created to meet the personal hygiene needs of teenagers and women. Lily sanitary napkins stand out due to their suitability to the Sri Lankan climate, thereby sparing users of unnecessary perspiration and discomfort caused by moisture.


Marvel Lady

Don’t let the worry bring down, Marvel Lady Sanitary Pads are more breathable and uniquely designed with winged leakage control channels to keep you in maximum comfort.