How do customers get sanitary napkins through Sigrora? What brands/types do you carry?

We are an online service provider specialized in female personal care. The important thing is we are the one and only online service provider with subscription base products. We carry 4+ SLS approved sanitary napkins brands such as Fems, Aarya, Eva, Whisper and more. See the details of brands we carry.

We are accredited by:

Can I get Sigrora in my district?

We do island wide delivery. So it doesn’t matter where you are. We can bring to you what you have ordered.

We ship to all 25 Districts!

  • Ampara
  • Anuradhapura
  • Badulla
  • Batticaloa
  • Colombo
  • Galle
  • Gampaha
  • Hambantota
  • Jaffna
  • Kalutara
  • Kandy
  • Kegalle
  • Kilinochchi
  • Kurunegala
  • Mannar
  • Matale
  • Matara
  • Monaragala
  • Mullaitivu
  • Nuwara Eliya
  • Polonnaruwa
  • Puttalam
  • Ratnapura
  • Trincomalee
  • Vauniya

At this time, we only ship in Sri Lanka.

Our most frequently asked questions

You can pay with a credit card or debit card: We accept all major credit cards and and debit card and you can use them to recurring payments.

You’ll be able to choose between subscription plans monthly, every 3 months, or every year. Once you select one, the package will be delivered according to the delivery period.

  • Delivery times: It should take 1-2 days after you placed the order. Every delivery period you will get it on that day.

Yes! Along with free shipping, we send your sanitary napkin package in a discreet envelope without any logos or company info.

Sigrora offers a subscription service, for women’s personal healthcare, and free delivery+ of sanitary napkin packages with fun gifts and goodies!

Once you select the preferred brand and the size and also the billing period and place the order we will ship it right away according to the delivery period.

Yes! Shipping is always 100% free, Sigrora covers shipping fees, and we include complimentary gifts in your care package. When your package is ready to be delivered+, we’ll update the tracking link so you can track your care package.

Currently we have 4+ SLS approved sanitary napkin packages including brands like Fems, Eva, Aarya, Whisper.

We partner with companies offering products that contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Your complimentary care package includes your sanitary napkin pack, a sweet treat, fun stickers or art print.

We need our shipping address, your email and telephone number to ship what you have ordered. Please enter correct details for non disturbing deliveries.

We deliver to 25 Districts in Sri Lanka. Please refer to the list at the top of the page to see.

We use discreet packaging with no branding on it, so your business stays your business! Our discreet packaging also discourages medication theft.

It depends on your subscription plan. once a month or once every 3 months. You can choose monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing periods. Tip: Save money by buying a quarterly or yearly supply.

You can log into your Dashboard at sigrora.com to find your next refill date under the Subscription section. Delivery typically takes 1-2 days.

When your next refill is ready to be shipped, we’ll mail you a tracking link so you can track your shipment from leaving our office to arriving in your mailbox!

We use SL Post to ship all of our care packages. This means that SL Post will carry your shipment to the office nearest to you, and then it will be transferred to you.

Please enter the delivery address you prefer when you sign up. Be aware that if you’re using an alternate address, this may cause issues with delivery if the mail service doesn’t recognize your name and address. In these instances, we’re unable to provide a refund or replacement. If you’d like to send your package “in care of” someone at your delivery address, let our team know. You can also edit the delivery address at any time; just use your Dashboard!

Yes! Heads Up: You can change your next delivery date to be whenever you like! Please text us at 0774985952.

If you’ve already received your tracking link, we won’t be able to re-route your package. If you wish to modify or cancel your order, you must notify us within 24 hours of receiving the reminder mail that your refill is being prepared. You can make these changes by calling us at 0774985952 or by replying to the mail If you wish to cancel, this can also be done through your dashboard. We encourage you to keep your address up-to-date on your Dashboard at sigrora.com.

If you live in an apartment, ask the leasing department or front desk if they received the care package instead of you. We also suggest you check with your neighbors in case they received it by mistake. In addition, if you’ve moved recently, we encourage you to check your previous address for your care package, if possible! If you still can’t find it, please reach out to a member of customer care team by texting us at 0774985952.

You have 7 days from the date your tracking link was sent to notify us of an undelivered or lost package, or damaged package.

We can’t provide a refund or cover the cost of a replacement for undelivered packages due to incorrect or incomplete delivery addresses.

We can’t provide a refund or cover the cost of a replacement for undelivered packages due to incorrect or incomplete delivery addresses. In order to prevent this, we send a reminder mail before each shipment asking for you to update your address.

If you’ve used an alternate delivery address and the mail service does not recognize the recipient as addressed, we can’t provide a refund or cover the cost of a replacement.

We can’t provide a refund or cover the cost of a replacement for undelivered packages if they are refused by someone at your address, such as a roommate or family member.

We’ll contact you via mail if your care package is returned to us! We recommend logging into your account at getmedipal.com and verifying that your delivery address is correct on your Dashboard. If your package seems to be lost or in transit back to us, please check that your delivery address is correct on your Dashboard and then text us at 0774985952 so we can help you!

No worries, it happens! If you lose your care pack, please contact our customer care team by texting us at 0774985952 as soon as you can. We’ll try our best to help you out!

You’ll get your refill according to the selected delivery period. The quantity of packs we can send to you depends on what you have selected. Billings are usually once a month or once every 3 months and once a year. Tip: Save money by buying a quarterly or yearly supply.

Our system is automated so we’re able to process and send your care package as soon as you placed the order. You may receive as many as packs a month at a time. You only need to request a refill if you need it on a different date!

We only sent you number of packs you have selected. So they can be remained or finished depend on time. We always try to send your next care package approximately 2 days before you’re scheduled to run out of your refill. (This might be useful if you go on vacation or lose a pack!)

Absolutely! We’re a controlled by a reputed company and must meet all of the customer information security practices for healthcare provider organizations in Sri Lanka. You can read our privacy statement for more information.

We use industry-standard encryption; all of your information is stored in encrypted form on our servers

Absolutely! All transactions/payments are processed using industry-standard protection. Our payments and transactions are handled with Stripe, Inc. and Payhere.

Thanks to our partnership with Stripe, and Payhere we can accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club credit cards or debit cards, and select prepaid credit cards. Unfortunately, we can’t accept checks or money orders.

Your payment method will be charged when place the order. When the payment is complete, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the receipt.

Of course! You can make this change in your account Dashboard by logging in at sigrora.com

Oh no! Here are a few things to check if your payment didn’t go through: Check that your card’s billing details match what you’ve entered into our system. If your card has expired, then your card issuer may have declined your payment. They don’t tell us the reason for declining a card, so it’s best to check with them before trying your card again. If none of these apply, please text at 0774985952 and we’ll help you figure out what happened.

You can change your phone number through your Dashboard or please text or call us at 0774985952 to update your phone number! You can also email us at [email protected] with your name and we’d be happy to change it for you.

You can update your delivery address at any time through your Dashboard, which you can access by logging into your account at sigrora.com/my-account.

Please contact our customer care team at least 2 weeks before your vacation with the dates you will be travelling and where you will be during that time. You can text or call us at 0774985952, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

We hate breakups, but we totally understand! We can cancel your care package deliveries and your account if you text us at 0774985952.

Yes, we’re excited to have you back in the Club! Text us at 0774985952 at any time to restart your account.